White Pattern Rabbbit Hoodie Sweater



This white pattern rabbit hoodie sweater is a great attraction for kids from Mother Passion. Your cute little toddler will look extremely bubbly and adorable in this rabbit- style hoodie sweater. It has two rabbit- ears at the two sides of the top. Elegant white color adds more beauty and charm to its looks. It is a buttoned style sweater with a designer pattern at its front. A clean differently patterned strip is also there at the bottom to give the much- needed grip of the sweater to your baby. This won’t let the outer chilling air to reach your baby’s warm body. Besides the looks, it has extreme comfort and warmth in it for your kid.
Make your cute little baby look like and extremely beautiful rabbit in this white coloured rabbit hoodie sweater.
100% fully handmade hoodie sweater
Made from the best quality yarn and wool
White colored hoodie sweater with designer pattern and rabbit- ears
Soft and comfortable
Durable and cosy
Color: White
Fabric: Wool and yarn
Occasion: Regular and party wear
Item included in package:
White colored hoodie sweater.

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